Evolve Beyond Meet Up 27/02/2014

First Evolve Beyond Meetup 27th February 2014

Our first try at a meetup to discuss how you combine the best of Agile and Lean innovation with great product and user experience.

  • How can we evolve beyond agile to combine with what product and UX have to offer?
  • How can we both innovate and execute in the same company with the same teams, same product managers, same UXers?

We had five 5 minute(ish) lightning talks with Agile, Product and UX speakers followed by some  discussion and beer. Four of the videos are posted here for viewing.

Hugo Pickford-Wardle: Hard Prototyping video clip

Hugo Pickford-Wardle – Hard Prototyping

Hugo does Innovation and Product Consulting and has innovated for The Times, LV, Fluxx and is now creating an innovation lab at Hearst Magazines. He has an idea that prototypes aren’t as easy as they used to be – and the way we approach making them to be useful to innovate needs to change…

Danny Hearn - John Lewis Hackathon video clip

Danny Hearn – John Lewis Hackathon

Danny Hearn is UX Manager at John Lewis Online. Danny tells the story of how he made the John Lewis hackathon happen, and on the way influenced big changes in culture and thought throughout the organisation. Some very interesting insight into strategic and tactical thinking.